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I’ve just finished a block of five sessions with Rowena, which have been transformational. I contacted Rowena for a number of reasons - I had recently had surgery and had a lot of nerve pain following the procedure. I also felt emotionally and mentally blocked, and had some general aches and pains including joint pain and recurring headaches.

At the beginning of our sessions, I was very energetically blocked and even with just one session I could feel the difference. It’s hard to describe the change but I generally felt lighter, more positive, more focused etc.

Having now completed the five sessions, I have had major shifts mentally/emotionally, and physically, the nerve pain has completely gone, I’ve had one or two mild headaches in the last month (as opposed to previously, I’d have them sometimes daily), and my joint pain has significantly reduced, to the point that it’s not bothering me anymore. Rowena has helped me connect with my body, feel more grounded and focus on the present moment. I can’t recommend her enough.

- Rebecca H, January 2020

"Rowena is truly gifted and her gentle and non-invasive hands-on practise has seen my right knee go from not letting me kneel or go up and downstairs normally to being completely pain free and mobile. She has also peeled back the 'onion skins' around a chronic sciatic problem of some three years or more, steadily reducing it from a continual and debilitating issue to an occasional twinge. I expect that will disappear as she enables my body to realign and heal itself.

She is intuitive and perceptive and goes at my pace, with an understanding that leaves me at peace. I would unhesitatingly recommend her if you have any pains - physical or emotional. My knee was solved in one session, my sciatica is taking longer, but it stems from a trauma more than 30 years ago, so probably not surprising."

- Clare Lupton, September 2019

I had the pleasure of having the most amazingly relaxing treatment from Rowena during a Health & Wellbeing evening. I had been very busy with work and I was extremely stressed due to significant developments which were work related. I only had a 30 minute treatment which was an ‘intuitive healing’ NMT treatment with Rowena. However even after that short time I felt so much more relaxed, less stressed and ready to sleep for a week. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs some R&R and well-being in their lives.

- Philippa B, September 2018

"Rowena draws on, but is rather more effective than, treatments such as massage, Reiki, acupuncture and practices like yoga. If you've had/practiced any of these, you'll be familiar with energy moving around. A tingle in the palms, a shiver up the spine. Working with Rowena is like all of those, supercharged. If you've pranged your back, she can fix it faster than anyone else. I speak from experience. Good for sports injuries, also good for those times when something isn't right. She's ace, and so is the stuff she can do. Just give it a go."

- Roger Majerski, July 2017

"Recently, I pulled a muscle in my back and my back went into a spasm. The pain was so excruciating it reminded me of being in labour – believe it or not. Luckily, Rowena came to the rescue. First she worked up and down my back and then she turned me over and simply held my shoulders and my head. Suddenly I felt one knot after another “pop” all over my back.

Afterwards I felt taller and expanded. An old aching tension between my shoulder blades was gone. The pulled muscle was still sore but it was only a faint memory of the pain I had experienced before. The muscle still needed a few days to heal but the release of tension all over my back seemed to have taken the strain and pull off it, lessening the pain and giving it a chance to heal. I have no idea how she did it but it worked. Magic!"

- Bettina F, December 2016

"I just wanted to send you feedback on yesterday's session with our son. The session had a very positive impact on him, as if there was a before and after. It was like if a weight had been lifted off his belly. He had loads of positive energy yesterday and it was obvious to us that it was down to your work on his belly. So thank you very much for that."

- Stephane N, November 2016

"Since March (2016) I have received 5 Bi-Aura treatments from Rowena. I am recovering from prolonged chronic fatigue and adrenal insufficiency, with an under-active thyroid. Consequently Rowena focused on my throat and root chakras, which she found needed the greatest help, though all were weak.

The treatments came at a time when I was struggling simply to cope with everyday life and was unable to resist even the slightest stress. They significantly helped me through this difficult period and without them I may have either had to stop work and / or my college course.

Rowena's warm and professional approach made me feel very comfortable during the treatments, and after them I felt both calm and relaxed. I found the discussion before, and especially after, each treatment to be both interesting and highly beneficial. She explained everything very well and clearly. After our connection had been established in the first treatment, during subsequent ones I was able to see the movements of energy and was especially excited to witness the opening of my third eye.

I am greatly looking forward to receiving future treatments from Rowena."

- Olivia S, August 2016

(Bi-Aura) Rowena made me feel completely at ease and I felt secure in divulging personal information to her. Rowena was extremely professional in her approach and came across as extremely capable and knowledgeable. She provided me with sound advice of practical things I could do at home, to try to avoid the blockages building up again. Rowena's dynamism, enthusiasm and energy certainly lent itself well to the type of techniques she was practicing.

"I felt that Rowena was very astute in pinpointing where I did have blockages and her feedback tallied with my own awareness of issues, which I now realise were buried subconsciously. My heightened symptoms have certainly lessened and I have felt an increased sense of calm and control, heightened focus and energy, and of overall general well-being which has continued beyond the last session.

I did start the treatment a little skeptical as I had no knowledge or experience of any type of energy healing. I was, however, intent on being open-minded. I have come away assured of the ability of the treatment to help with symptoms or issues that are being faced and it is something that I would try again after this."

- Francesca R, June 2016

"I had 5 Bi-Aura healing session lasting approximately 1 hour each between February and May 2016. As a smoker I tend to suffer from sinusitis and wanted help with this and to improve my general energy levels and stave off lethargy.

Rowena would start with some breathing exercises, before scanning the body to establish where the energy flows needed re-balancing. She would use her techniques to harmonise the different energies before doing another scan to ensure that they were improved.

During the sessions, other than some easy and enjoyable stretching and breathing exercises, I had to do very little besides standing, or something sitting, with my eyes closed while Rowena did her stuff. The sessions involved very little actual touching and I was surprised that on several occasions I could feel a sort of 'pins and needles' sensation such as one might experience from static electricity. Rowena explained that this was caused by the energy flows that she was adjusting.

Prior to the sessions, I was extremely cynical about this type of treatment. However, while I found the process enjoyable and extremely relaxing, I have also noticed the virtual disappearance of my sinusitis symptoms and a general increase in my energy levels. I have also been smoking much less and feel much more optimistic about my ability to give it up...I genuinely feel that I have benefited from Rowena's treatments. She is friendly and highly professional and I would recommend her as an extremely good practitioner of Bi-Aura healing."

- Graham H, May 2016

"I was introduced to Rowena through a client of mine in Summer 2015 for some healing. I was hugely impressed and as a result I booked several sessions with her.

I saw Rowena for the first time [for Bi-Aura] in early 2016 and we discussed the process.

I experienced the energy flow from the first session, and a few other sensations. The second session was less [energy flow] and the third session I had to stop the session twice as I nearly collapsed to the floor. I am very receptive to energy as I am also a very inexperienced energy healer, but I have never felt anything like this before.

Rowena always gave feedback after each session and sometimes some recommendations.

To summarise, I fully appreciate all Rowena has done for me these last few months and fully believe my symptoms have improved as a result."

- Angela G, May 2016

"I met Rowena on a skiing trip in France recently, and when I discovered her profession I asked if she could treat an old injury to my thigh.

I must say, I have had many treatments before but none with such success, I felt pain free when skiing the next day for the first time in years.

Thank you Rowena."

- Brian M, February 2016

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Rowena. I got in contact with her following a recent ski trip in which I felt a lot of pain in my calf muscle. Rowena diagnosed the pain as resonating from my ankle and was able to help soothe the pain quickly with her gentle healing hands."

- Jo C, February 2016

"Such a beautiful and healing experience, that took me to this deep healing space. I felt like I was definitely in good hands.

Rowena's inner guidance tells her what needs attention and she listens to that very well. She is very down to earth and grounded.

Thank you so much Rowena!"

- Marjo S, August 2015

"I had a wonderful treatment from Rowena. I was doing a liver cleanse so my body was experiencing much change and releasing many emotions. I had a strong headache and I had been sleeping badly for several days.

I felt SO RELAXED at the end of our session. My headache was gone and I slept much better.

I wish I could have a session with Rowena whenever I am feeling stressed!"

- Sophie J, September 2015

"I met Rowena by chance. I had a horrible headache and back pain. She offered me a treatment voluntarily. This is the first time I hear of Neuro-Muscular Transmission.

From the first moment she found the right place. Even though she was touching me so gently I felt the magic cure strongly. It was like an angel walking on my back.

I felt a deep energy inside even though she was not touching me. I was relaxed. I forgot all the pain.

Then for my headache she touched my hair, very softly and gently. Again, I felt as if all the pain was pulled out.

It's more powerful than a deep tissue massage. I could breathe deeply. Deep inside I felt lighter.

Thank you, thank you Rowena"

- Deva Sita Ozlem Sakit, August 2015

"Rowena treated me when I had a bad throbbing headache developing. We were at the beginning of a sailing weekend and were about to set off that morning. I thought I’d be best staying on shore and working out how to get home.

Her treatment probably only lasted 20 mins or so and I think her hands were hovering close to my back though not touching. If anything I felt some very mild tingling.

Straight away after the treatment I felt distinctly calmer,less nauseous and my headache wasn’t as bad; it continued to lift that morning and I stayed on the boat and enjoyed the sailing weekend. I still needed to take it easy but without that treatment I would very likely have been ill and unable to move much. Rowena had somehow drawn out the tension and emotional upset in me that had been developing over the previous few weeks."

- Jenny S

"Rowena has a very warm manner and made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed right from the start of the treatment"

- Helen V

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