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Healing Touch in South West London

About Rowena. Frannie's head and hands

Training and Experience

I was trained in Neuro-Muscular Transmission (NMT) in 2008/09 and have used the intervening years to build my experience and refine my style. The process is quite simple: if you will allow me to connect to your energetic field, your body will direct me to where it wants my help. Your body and sub-conscious mind control what you release - I am merely a conduit.

In 2015 I decided to increase my knowledge in other forms of healing. I looked at many techniques, and eventually decided that Bi-Aura, with its focus on unblocking the chakras and energising the body, would be a good complement to my existing knowledge. The Bi-Aura institute is very supportive of the growing community of practitioners and I enjoy being part of that wider group. I qualified in Bi-Aura in summer 2016.

In 2018 I trained in Theta Healing and often use this alongside the other 2 techniques, to address any issues that come up during a treatment. Theta is fantastic for shifting limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our full potential. And I am currently training as a holistic counsellor with Working With People Trainings, so the learning never ends!

I have experienced many different healing traditions myself over the years, from shamanic healing to gong chanting to chakra clearing, and have learnt a lot about who I am and what brings me joy. I think it is crucial for anyone who wishes to help other people to have first worked on themselves, so that you are approaching your clients with a relatively clear slate.

I meditate every morning, which gives me space to observe my life from a distance and feel gratitude for all that I have received. The benefits of meditation are cumulative, and I love the calmness it brings to the start of my day.

I also continue to build my knowledge by attending different courses and events - I attended a 2 day course on personal coaching ; I have been working with my spirit guides under the guidance of an amazing shaman, Roz Jones; and I attended the extraordinary Path of Love development process in 2015 and have now joined the support team for those going through the process now. I don't think the training and personal growth will ever (should ever) stop!

What did you do before becoming a healer?

Before working as a healer full time, I studied Economics at Cambridge University and then spent 19 years working as an accountant in London, latterly as Finance Director for a publishing house - so I've worked in the 'real world' and understand the pressures within it. I still do some finance work on the side, to 'keep my hand in', and I enjoy the contrast this has to my healing work. My life feels very balanced!

About Rowena. Strumming Frannie's leg

How did you get interested in this line of work?

I first went to see a healer in 2003. I was going through a difficult time emotionally and found myself unable to make a particular decision. This was unusual for me, as I'm normally a decisive person. The treatment was genuinely eye-opening and intruiging for me, and something that I couldn't explain rationally.

The healer worked in my energy fields for about 10 minutes, then snapped her hands. As she did so, 2 triangles of tension disappeared that I hadn't been aware of until they had gone. One was in my forehead and one was in my stomach. The tension had been flooding my amygdala with a 'fight or flight' response, preventing me from making a decision. Once the tension had gone, I was able to approach the problem logically and rationally, which was a huge relief.

She also worked on my back. I'd had an accident in my teens that cracked a vertebra and I suffered from regular back pain as a result. She worked on me for about 15 minutes using light manipulation of the soft tissue, during which nothing much seemed to happen from my perspective. However at my next yoga session I realised that for the first time I could feel each of my vertebrae as I rolled down from a shoulder stand; in the past I must have been rolling down to one side. So she had adjusted my body, and that back ache has never reappeared.

I was fascinated by what had happened to me, as I'd received both emotional and physical benefits. My body had experienced something amazing, something tangible, and I wanted to learn and encounter more. It was my start on a path of self-discovery and development. I started meditating soon afterwards and then started seeing various different healers as I felt drawn to them. I have slowly been opening myself up to a more heart-based way of living. I've met some wonderful people that I wouldn't have met in the past, and I've ended up going in a very different direction to the one I was going in before - it's been a very exciting time.

A few years after my first experience, I heard that the same healer was teaching people her technique, and I signed up. Initially I was just there for interest, to understand more about what had happened for me. But I realised very quickly how powerful this approach was, and how natural it felt for me to be doing it. I practiced on family and friends regularly, received lots of positive feedback, and eventually decided I wanted to offer it professionally. Everything else just snowballed from there.

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What do you enjoy about the approach?

What I love about this style of healing is that it is very intuitive. No two treatments are the same as no two individuals are the same.

It's very different to my old life - I'm by-passing my intellect to connect with the other person at a deeper level. I have learnt to trust that the information I am receiving will help them if I use it.

I also enjoy incorporating ideas and styles that I have picked up in my life along the way, especially with NMT. Everyone who practices this technique develops their own approach for treatments, based on what they experience during a session and how they interpret that. The technique is not dogmatic in its approach - the aim is to help the person in front of you as best you can, based on what their body is telling you. I therefore use everything I've learnt or experienced in the past, whatever feels most useful at the time.

Finally, intention is an extremely important part of the healing process, from both the healer and the person being healed. I have always really enjoyed helping people and I come with the intention of assisting my clients to resolve whatever is causing them problems in their body or in their emotions. It's an honour to be involved in their process.

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