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Healing Touch in South West London

How many treatments will I need?

The body can only cope with a certain number of adjustments at any one time. It needs time to incorporate these changes before it is ready to make some more. Your body will be telling me what it can currently deal with.

Before we start each treatment we establish what the aim is for that session. Examples might include:

  • To achieve greater mobility in an area
  • To reduce pain levels
  • To release an emotional blockage


    Some physical problems can be dealt with in one session, for example a recent knock to the body can be reversed quite quickly. If the problem is older, more sessions may be needed as we unwind the many adjustments made by the body over the years to compensate for the original issue.

    Emotional problems can also be released in one session, or they may also need more treatments. The body and unconscious mind may need time to prepare for what they are willing to release.

    Ultimately you determine how many treatments you wish to take.

    As a wise healer once said to me, you will know when you no longer need further treatment!


    The Bi-Aura Foundation recommends a minimum of 4 treatments. This is because the intention of each session is different.
  • In the first session, the aim is to break the cycle of the complaint, and to demonstrate some form of change in the symptoms.
  • The second session is about detox, removing blockages from the chakras and enabling energy to move freely around the body
  • The third session aims to balance out the energy of the body and stabilise at this point without slipping back into old routines
  • The fourth session aims to move the body to a higher level of health, consolidating the changes made

    For this reason, if undertaking Bi-Aura I do ask my clients to commit to a minimum of 4 treatments, in order to achieve these 4 steps.

    Sometimes we need to spend longer on a single step, for example, it may take more than one session to detox the chakras before moving into balancing the body.

    With Bi-Aura, treatments can either take place:
  • once a week for an hour for 3-6 weeks (depending on how long the body takes to clear), followed by a final session 2-4 weeks later
  • daily for half an hour for 3-6 days, with a half hour session a week later

  • FAQs. Olivia lying down

    Do you know what's going on in someone's head when you give a treatment?

    No! One of the things that I most enjoy about this form of treatment is that it can be 'context free', particularly for emotional issues. By that I mean that as the practitioner, I don't need to know what the precise situation is for my client. They don't have to put into words what they have gone through or are currently experiencing. We can talk in an entirely neutral, non specific way. I just need to understand where they feel tension or pain in their body, and how it manifests.

    For example, someone could say that they are feeling stressed from a particular situation and cannot sleep at night because their brain is whirring from too many thoughts. Or that they are struggling to deal with a particular person in their life, and that whenever they think about this person their rib-cage contracts and they struggle to breath easily. Or that an issue from the past now seems to be coming to the surface and as a result they feel fear in certain situations.

    For me, being able to work context-free is ideal, as sometimes it can be difficult for us to describe fully a particular situation and explain all of its nuances to another person. I don't need to understand the cause for the treatment to work and I won't 'see' the situation when I'm treating them. So my clients can preserve what is going on in their head without my intrusion.

    Do you use your own energy in the treatment?

    No, I don't use my own energies when I'm working, so I am not being 'drained' to help the other person. I act as a channel for universal energy to come in to my client's body as they need it. It may sound strange, but it works!

    FAQs. Jo Jo with hands behind head

    What do you experience as a healer in a treatment?

    My style of treating people is very intuitive. I tune into the energy of the person I am working with, and then react to what I encounter there. You could say that their body is telling me what they need to have done to them.

    I frequently experience (and then release) an emotion that has been trapped in my client's body, or sense a phrase that feels relevant to them. I also frequently find tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat which is how I personally release blocked energies. On very rare occasions I see colours or shapes, and this can provide some useful guidance as to the cause of the pain.

    I use my breath a lot during the treatment - often to blow out blockages or to bring energy into the body, and I sometimes incorporate yoga breathing techniques (for both myself and for the person I'm treating) to help relieve the area of pain. I often use my own body to release tensions on behalf of the person I'm treating - for example twisting my neck to release their tension for them. And I use other techniques that I've discovered over time, including what I've experienced during my daily meditation.

    I aim to share everything that I experience with my client after the treatment, as it may have a particular meaning for them that I am not aware of.

    FAQs. Me outside tent

    Do you work at festivals?

    Yes! I have a beautiful white canvas tent (pictured on the right) which I take with me to festivals throughout the summer in the UK. It gives me a lot of freedom and is a great way of reaching new clients and spending time outdoors.

    The tent has a lovely healing atmosphere, and I decorate it inside with warm and friendly rugs and throws, scented candles and a comfortable mattress. It provides a welcome respite from some of the more frantic activity that takes place elsewhere and is a great place for my clients to unwind in.

    If you see me at a festival, please come and say hello!

    FAQs. Frannie with me behind her head

    ....but it's not logical!

    I've been interested in all sorts of energy healing for many years now, and have had some amazing experiences myself from treatments that I have given and received along the way. However none of them could be described as 'logical', and none of them could be explained easily using our existing knowledge and theories.

    As an accountant, I have a highly logical side, and I do sometimes find this frustrating. I would like to be able to explain to myself and to others not just what I have experienced but how and why it has occurred. If I'm receiving the treatment myself I know if it's working, as I can usually feel that something has shifted, either on an emotional or physical level. But it's hard to demonstrate that to others.

    For me, it boils down to the fact that everything in existence is ultimately made up of energy. You can harness energy with the power of intention. My intention is to help people, and once their sub-concious recognises that fact, their body will guide me in what they need me to do. I work with their energy to unblock and repair their body as necessary.

    I do believe that our current understanding of energy is expanding rapidly and I hope that at some point in the future we will be able to explain all of this in ways that our logical minds can accept. It's not as if we currently understand everything about how the world works! In the meantime I will do my best to describe what I have experienced during a treatment and see how it resonates for my client.

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