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Healing Touch in South West London

What happens in a treatment?

No two treatments are ever the same. However there are some common themes:

  • You always remain fully clothed
  • We will initially discuss your medical history (even if we are dealing with an emotional issue as there may be physical implications from it)
  • We also discuss any specific issues you wish to address and what you hope to achieve in the session
  • We will debrief the session at the end and discuss what we both experienced.

  • The Bio field and the Chakras

    Beyond the physical body and penetrating it are several interconnecting layers of energy; these make up the bio field, otherwise known as the aura.

    The bio field is a fusion of two forms of energy: one radiating from space and the other emanating from the earth. These energies flow vertically through the body, meeting at energy centres known as chakras. Individual chakras receive and transform the energies to vibrate at the appropriate frequency required to nourish the organs of the body dependent on that chakra.

    Each of the chakras correlates to major nerve ganglia branding from the spinal column, specific glands in the endocrine system and particular levels of consciousness.

    To heal is to bring the chakras into alignment and balance.

    About Bi-Aura. Chakra chart

    How Bi-Aura Therapy works

    All ailments are encoded in the bio field in the form of energy blockages or disturbances. These may have arisen suddenly as a result of physical, mental or emotional trauma or over a period of time, through holding on to negative thought patterns or emotions. Locked in the bio field, these blockages obstruct the healing flow of energy, and the efficiency of the chakras becomes compromised. When the blockages are dispersed and the energy flow restored, healing is carried throughout the body, down to the cellular level.

    The natural instinct of the body is to heal, therefore as the healing energy is always present, if we can remove whatever is preventing us from fully receiving this energy then our health will definitely improve.

    Bi-Aura practitioners are trained to locate imbalances in the energy system and, using their knowledge of the nergy matrix, to assess whether an energy block has a mental or emotional root, and whether it is a past or present issue.

    Using a series of hand movements, Bi-Aura practitioners raise the vibration of the blocked energy, enabling it to be drawn out and cleared from teh chakras and the bio field. Similarly they are able to attract energy to deficient areas.

    About Bi-Aura. Jo Jo with hands behind head

    What can I expect?

    At the first session we will talk through your medical history and current emotional and physical status. You will be asked to remove your shoes, watch, glasses and any chunky jewellery. Otherwise you will remain fully clothed.

    If it is comfortable for you to do so, you will be asked to stand for the first part of the therapy when, using my hands, I scan your bio field and chakras to detect where blockages are apparent. I then energise and clear your chakras and bio-field/

    During this stage there will be little or no physical contact, although you may be aware of various sensations such as heat, cold, tingling, a feeling of lightness or heaviness. None of these sensations are unpleasant or long lasting.

    For the next part of the session you will be invited to sit or lie down when further energy clearing wil take place. By now you are likely to be in a deep state of relatxation. The more relaxed you are able to become, the more freely your energy is able to move and the more effective the session is likely to be.

    Where possible the final scan is conducted with you again in a standing position.

    The sessions last between forty minutes and an hour, and it is recommended that alcohol is avoided prior to and following sessions, and that fresh water is consumed to assist the cleansing process.

    How will I feel after a session?

    The most frequently reported immediate reaction is a sense of lightness, as if a weight has been lifted from the shoulders, and an inner sense of well-being. Symptoms may have reduced, subtly altered or even vanished.

    Later, it is not unusual for people to experience significantly increased energy levels, and many people find that they sleep extraordinarily soundly that night.

    On rare occasions clients may feel tired and unwell for a short period as the body adjusts to the increased energy flow. This is transient and well-being will follow.

    About Bi-Aura. Pulling energy from toes

    Will it cure me and how long will it take?

    Bi-Aura practitioners do not claim to cure but to facilitate self healing by restoring the natural energy flow. Many ailments can be alleviated quite quickly and simply, although some people can, quite subconsciously, experience difficulty in letting go of their complaint. The therapist will encourage the client to participate in their own healing by learning that our health is affected by what we choose to think, fell and believe. If these choices create stress in our mind consciousness, then this will be reflected in physical symptoms. Clients are then able to recognise and begin to let go of these negative thought patterns, in turn releasing the trapped energy causing the symptom. The speed of recovery will be influenced by the client's willingness to embrace this concept and how deeply their belief systems are entrenched.

    A minimum of four sessions is recommended, with further sessions for more deep-seated conditions.

    Will my ailment come back?

    Once the energy flow is restored the ailment will not return unless the blockage was caused by a belief system or thought process which has not yet released. It is well documented that optimistic people suffer from fewer ailments than pessimists, and as the client becomes more empowered to recognise the mental / emotional causes for illness, they discover that by adopting a different perspective towards these issues they are able to avoid further energy blockages occurring.

    More information

    For more information about Bi-Aura, please contact the Bi-Aura Foundation:

    Telephone: 01661 844 899
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.bi-aura.com

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