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Healing Touch in South West London

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What happens in a treatment?

No two treatments are ever the same. However there are some common themes:

  • You always remain fully clothed, as its easier without direct skin contact
  • We will initially discuss your medical history (even if we are dealing with an emotional issue as there may be physical implications from it)
  • We also discuss any specific issues you wish to address and what you hope to achieve in the session
  • We will debrief the session at the end and discuss what we both experienced.

    You will start the treatment by either lying or sitting down, in a position that allows me access to the specific areas you wish me to treat. I find it easier not to work on bare skin - the signals come through more clearly if I am not touching the other person directly.

    I generally place both hands either on or a few inches above your body and start to establish a connection into your energy field. When your body is comfortable accepting my offer of help, my hands will start to move slowly and intuitively, in response to your body’s signals. This can sometimes be confusing, as it may not correspond with the site of your pain, but I will have been led there for a reason - possibly because the cause of the problem was originally here and we need to 'unwind' to how the body was before the problem occured.

    Some of the work may take place off-body, in the energy fields surrounding the body. At other times I will be working directly on the body, gently manipulating the muscles and soft tissue.

    During the treatment, you may experience sensations such as heat or ice, you may see colours, pictures and shapes, you may find old memories coming to the surface, or you may not feel anything at all. One person felt nothing at all during the treatment, but about 40 minutes after we'd finished was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion which apparently came out of nowhere - I had to reassure them that these were emotions that had been stirred up during the treatment, and were now being expressed and released, otherwise this person might have worried as to where they came from.

    As the treatment progresses, you will probably begin to feel relaxed and drowsy and may even fall asleep. As the work starts to deepen, you may need to shift position to become physically comfortable again as the muscles have moved - this is your session and you need to be comfortable, so if you need to stretch out then that is fine. I will continue to work with your body in its new position.

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    What happens after the treatment?

    Once the treatment has ended, I will discuss with you what we have both experienced, and we will work to help you understand what came up.

    The body will continue to process the impact of the treatment for up to 48 hours after the session as everything settles into its new position.

    It is helpful to drink at least one glass of water after the treatment.

    NMT. Frannie and me sitting on bed


    As the treatment is taking place in your own home, I would ask that you try to ensure that you will have no distractions during our time together:

  • Take the landline off the hook
  • Leave mobile devices on silent and in a different room
  • Put any pets somewhere where they cannot interrupt
  • Have someone else take small children out of the house
  • etc.

    This is your time, and if you are worrying about other people then you cannot focus on what your body needs and we will not make best use of our time together.

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