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Healing Touch in South West London

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Healing Touch in Barnes, Richmond, South West London and Covent Garden

Hello, and a warm welcome to my website!

I work as an energy healer in Barnes, Mortlake, Richmond, Kew, Ham and East Sheen, and offer "healing touch" natural pain relief treatments in people's homes.

I use an intuitive approach, which is gentle, effective and suitable for all ages.

I use healing touch in 2 forms - Neuro-Muscular Transmission (NMT) and Bi-Aura. Both approaches are non-invasive and drug-free.

- Bi-Aura uses a series of hand gestures to clear blockages in the chakras, allowing the body's energy to flow more freely, which enables the body to heal itself. This form of healing looks a little like gentle tai-chi movements, and can be used to work remotely if you live further away.

- NMT is a form of energy healing that is more free-form in style, and usually more hands on. It targets specific areas of pain in the body and helps realign the soft tissue of the body when it is out of kilter.

If you know which form of treatment you wish to receive then we will work with that (please see other pages for more detail). If you do not know which will be best, I can make an assessment at our first meeting and we can progress from there.

All treatments take place fully clothed. I will work either on your body or in the energy fields around your body, depending on what is required.

I also work with companies, helping to relieve stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace.

And with a little notice, I am able to travel to other areas of South West London to offer natural pain relief. I take appointments at the wonderful Buddha On A Bicycle in Covent Garden if you are in central London. I also work remotely for those further afield.

What problems can be helped with these techniques?

NMT and Bi-Aura both provide natural pain relief to help ease physical problems caused by tension and soft tissue restrictions, such as:

  • back pain and lower back pain
  • neck pain
  • muscle pain
  • joint pain
  • sports injuries
  • accidents or impact injuries
  • repetitive strain
  • muscle tension
  • headaches
  • strains
  • restricted mobility

    I have dealt with a lot of back and shoulder pain, particularly in office workers, as well as other physical problems including a few cases of 'gardener's knees'

    The techniques also work well with emotional issues, which may also be stored in the body, such as:
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • tension
  • trauma

    Treatments can address recent problems or long-standing pain.

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    How does it work?

    NMT and Bi-Aura boost the body’s natural ability to repair itself. The body has a 'blue-print' of how it was originally meant to be, and can be in pain when the body is physically out of kilter. Problems can also arise when emotions are not fully expressed, and become trapped within the body.

    The body knows what needs to be done, and by tuning into the energy of the body, I can facilitate those adjustments, either by clearing out blockages in the chakras (Bi-Aura) or by gently realigning the soft tissue of the body (NMT). The aim of the treatment is to restore the mind and body as far as possible to their original state, and to ensure that all parts of the body are working as efficiently as possible.

    All healing is directed by your body, and so it occurs at a pace that you are able to deal with. As an energy healer, I act as a catalyst for the changes your body wishes to make.


    Monday - Friday: First appointment 7.30 am; Last appointment 8pm

    Saturday - Sunday: First appointment 8am; Last appointment 6pm

    I offer appointments, either in the comfort of your own home or remotely, before or after work, during the day or at weekends, so I'm sure we can find a time that is convenient for us both.

    Healing touch treatments generally last an hour, although the first session may take longer as I gather your medical history.

    I recommend that you leave yourself a little quiet time after the treatment has finished to absorb the benefits.

    Please note, Bi-Aura is generally recommended to run as a minimum of 4 sessions to allow the body to fully detox with further sessions for more deep seated conditions.

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    Icelandic Wellness Trip - June 2020

    If you have ever been interested in visiting Iceland then why not join me for a wonderful relaxing mini break in June 2020.

    Starting in Reykjavic, we travel on a privately guided journey around the Golden Circle to see Gulfoss waterfall, the steam eruptions of Strokkur, Iceland’s own geyser and the Thingvellir National Park. Finally we end up in southern Iceland at a beautiful guest house near a geo-thermal lagoon for a few days of relaxation, swimming, walking in the forest or unwinding at the nearby spa.

    I will be providing guided meditations each morning and intuitive healing touch (NMT) treatments to ensure you get the most from our trip. We will also have daily yoga sessions from Kate Woodward at Ginger Tonic

    You will experience:

  • restful surroundings
  • relaxing geothermal spring water
  • fresh air
  • delicious nutritious food
  • hot tub
  • spa
  • maybe a mud bath
  • local hiking.

    For more information see Iceland Traveller

  • Confidentiality

    I will not discuss your treatments with anyone else. All information that you provide to me is kept securely by me and will not be shared with anyone else.

    Healing Guarantee

    I believe that most people will benefit from energy healing, and my no-quibble guarantee is this:

    I WILL NOT CHARGE YOU if, at the end of our first session, you have not felt any benefit and you do not wish to progress with any further treatments

    I offer this because I am confident I can help you feel better and I want you to experience what I do. My hope is that this guarantee makes this a risk-free decision for you.

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    Further questions?

    If you would like to ask more questions, or talk through your particular situation to see whether I will be able to help, why not get in touch?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Natural Pain Relief Healer, South West London

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