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How many treatments will I need?

The body can only cope with a certain number of adjustments at any one time. It needs time to incorporate these changes before it is ready to make some more. Your body will be telling me what it can currently deal with.

Before we start each treatment we establish what the aim is for that session. Examples might include:

  • to achieve greater mobility in an area
  • to reduce pain levels
  • to release an emotional blockage

    How many treatments?. Hands alone

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    Some physical problems can be dealt with in one session, for example a recent knock to the body can be reversed quite quickly. If the problem is older, more sessions may be needed as we unwind the many adjustments made by the body over the years to compensate for the original issue.

    Emotional problems can also be released in one session, or they may also need more treatments. The body and unconscious mind may need time to prepare for what they are willing to release.

    Ultimately you determine how many treatments you wish to take.

    As a wise healer once said to me, you will know when you no longer need further treatment!


    The Bi-Aura Foundation recommends a minimum of 4 treatments. This is because the intention of each session is different.

  • In the first session, the aim is to break the cycle of the complaint, and to demonstrate some form of change in the symptoms.
  • The second session is about detox, removing blockages from the chakras and enabling energy to move freely around the body
  • The third session aims to balance out the energy of the body and stabilise at this point without slipping back into old routines
  • The fourth session aims to move the body to a higher level of health, consolidating the changes made

    For this reason, if undertaking Bi-Aura I do ask my clients to commit to a minimum of 4 treatments, in order to achieve these 4 steps.

    Sometimes we need to spend longer on a single step, for example, it may take more than one session to detox the chakras before moving into balancing the body.

    With Bi-Aura, treatments can either take place:
  • once a week for an hour for 3 weeks, followed by a final session 2-4 weeks later
  • daily for half an hour for 3 days, with a half hour session a week later

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